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Exhilarating, Exciting, and Electrifying are just three of the many words that describe the Ming experience. A born star, Ming is raising the bar of talent in the music industry, extremely high. As a part of critically acclaimed and internationally established music group Spooks and formerly known as Ming Xia, Ming is no stranger to the spotlight.

Exhilarating, Exciting, and Electrifying

Gracing some of the best stages in the world with some of the worlds most respected talents, Ming now returns to the stage as a soloist and with a sound all her own – and managed by music industry veteran Riggs Morales. Ming is uncontained, completely honest, and relentless. As a self-contained musician and superb vocalist – Ming sings, writes, produces, and engineers most of her own music. But more than just an artist, Ming is a businesswoman currently working on projects for other artists and herself through Tongue Productions – a company comprised of Ming, Booker -T, and Mr. Chenjerai – who are all members of Spooks. As a product of her environment and cultivated from her surroundings – New York City, Ming is the melting pot of music. She possesses the eerie ability to lift your soul into another atmosphere. Her voice soars, but so in touch with reality – her lyrics keep you grounded while her melodies are outrageously inspiring. Her outstanding performances throughout New York City have been creating a cult-like following. Ming is an experience providing the perfect balance to satisfy your every musical desire.

The Spooks

The Spooks

Inspired by the rap/R&B success of the Fugees, Spooks came together in the late ’90s with a similar message and group structure, but a much different musical approach. Consisting of vocalist Ming Xia and MCs Mr. Booka-T, Vengeance, Water Water, and

The album was a huge success in Europe

Hypno, the group’s male-female dynamic brought comparisons to the Fugees almost immediately. The difference lies in the production, which referenced trip-hop and jungle and rarely stuck to a typical hip-hop structure. Boasting this unique approach, the group recorded S.I.O.S.O.S., Vol. 1 in 1999 for Artemis Records. The album was a huge success in Europe, where it turned gold in France, Belgium, Sweden, and Germany. They re-released the record and put together a live band for their live shows in an attempt to woo U.S. audiences, and they did!

  • History of Ming & the Spooks

    History Of Ming & The Spooks


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      Slaughterhouse feat Ming

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        Already Got Me Sold

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